I sat there eagerly, drinking champagne on the plane on the way to Rio. I began reading about the history of Carnival in the magazine in front of me. I learned that apparently Carnival comes from the phrase Carne Vale which translates to “goodbye to meat.” I giggle to myself, wondering if the founders knew the irony of this phrase, as Carnival undeniably has the best man meat in the world.

I share this joke with my husband, Phil who is napping on my shoulder. He chuckles and responds, “I can’t wait to have my girl get filled up with someone else’s man meat.” I could feel my panties starting to get wet, as I let out a shy but excited shiver.

Phil and I were high school sweethearts and have only ever been with each other. He surprised me with a trip to Rio for Carnival to celebrate my 30th birthday, and later revealed that as part of my gift he wants to let me experience another man’s cock. As he shared this, I remember choking on my McFlurry and looking up at him wide-eyed. “You can’t live three decades in this world and only experience one penis,” he explained, “the last day of Carnival falls on
the last day of your 29th year on this earth, it’s got to be a sign.”

Inside there was a super hot lighted corset that showed off my cleavage in just the right way. There was also a beautiful eye shadow, colored eyelashes, some funky body jewels and some super sexy body oil that made my body shimmer. I dolled myself up and felt sexier than ever before…

Included in this themed Box are:

  • Feather corset
  • Jeweled Fishnet stockings
  • Carnival Themed Eyeshadow 
  • Rio AfterDark Massage oil 
  • LED Carnival Vibrator
  • Underbed Restraints
  • Carnival Themed Tucan Earrings

The sexy stranger began brushing his fingers against my breast and my insanely hard nipple (you try having the sexiest dude in the world nibble your lip and not be super aroused). He smiled at me as he moved my shirt out of the way, and put my nipple in his mouth. Was he actually licking my nipple in public? I tried to protest, but the moisture of his warm lips surrounding my tit felt too good….

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